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Lab 8

I did lab 7 and 8 back-to-back, and both of them just made a lot of sense out of A113 which I took last semester merely for the credits and ended up failing because of my terrible sleeping habits.

If I know how do something monotonous like the equations for these problems it's nice that there's programs like excel to save you time so you can focus on the more important parts of the information.

Lab 7

Excel is pretty amazing!


I'm Back~!

So I'm finally getting over mono. I figured it's about time i start updating this again. I was nearly incapacitated and highly undermotivated because of that stupid virus. It's one of those things that you hear about, but don't totally grasp until you go through it. That was a long streak of crap.
I'm pretty much all-better except for the sleeping habbit's, but those were there before so i guess I can't blame it all on the mono.

I'm finally also beginning the make up lab and project. I'll be finishing everything for math and informatics this weekend. Tonight I'll work on my Telecom project and e-mail my ethics professor and telecom professor about my grades in those classes. I have a meeting tomarrow with my advisor and i have ot have something to tell her. I know all my grades are hurting from my absentee streak, but all the professors are being very helpful so far. So that's the game plan.

Now to get cracking on one of these labs before class. I'll see if i can get two of them done.


A new leaf

I'm reformatting my 250gb hard drive tonight. YAY!
I'm long overdue. It has way too much running and I'm having overheating/C.O.P problems on my Asus Motherboard. Thankfully I still have my original 40gb hard drive as a second drive. I'm going to move the important files to that, reformat the big drive, move everything over, and after all that I'm going to hopefully install the red hat linux I got from the IUware site. This way I can start using linux. I've been meaning to do this for a while, but I lost my xp cd. I just got a new one from the Computer Connection store.

Let the age of A.F. begin!

My new Unix commands

Change Directory
cd in DOS

Make Directory

Remove Directory

Shows Date



I've decided that I not going to amass a large collection of dvd's. I origianally thought that since I could do it there's no reason not to, but in truth I don't think I'd appreciate it as much once it's done. I stopped downloading music illegally not too long ago. That was a start. I guess I'm just not motivated to get the stuff as easily. I may make personal copies of some of my favorites like LOTR, but that's just to have until i buy a copy bc i think it's one of the best series of movies ever and I know it's worth it.



I was going to make a post about portability and versatility, but apparently that's going to be my T101 project.

I'll post anything interesting i find in my research.

I'm finally in my friends Counter Strike clan. Playing CS clan is so much better. It finally puts a little reasoning into getting better.

I was thinking today about what I'd rather be a part of. I'm between commercials, video games, and movies. I honestly think I'd be good at any of these. I do know that I want to get into media production of some kind. Media is the most influencial force on the planet. People want to know about the world they live in and subconsciously how to live, but they don't get the opportunity to observe everything themselves. They rely on the media to compress information into a small, easy to digest packet. And now they don't want to be confined to a computer or living room.

I wouldn't say that I'm power hungry. I really thing it's what I would enjoy doing the most with my life.


Portability and Versatility

It seems to me those are the 2 directions that media is moving...I'll elaborate in a little bit.


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